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Bahamas, March 2005

Photo Album

Here are some photos of another great trip on the Gulf Stream Eagle. The dive shop has a CD-ROM with full sized images (including some not posted here).

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Greetings! Can you tell I had a great dive?

Great color gradation.

An underwater flying saucer.

A monster of the deep.
Skipping school?
Junior, the boat dog. He didn't get his toenail painted this time.

Another formal portrait.

This was taken on Danny P.'s shark feeding dive. Ask him about that.

Another sea monster!


The Man.

Lori and Dan.

Sea creatures.

Another sea creature

Critters were everywhere.

Say, "cheese"!


It's so great not to be at work today!

Hey, there!

Underwater beauty.

Would look better if strobe had been turned on...

Available light with red filter.

Hmm I wonder what they're running away from...

Ahhh. Note the attack posture. Yes, another shark feeding dive (intentional this time) led by Captain Mark P.

Magnificent creatures.

Shark feeding is over. Mark and John have gotten outta there. One person STANDS up, surrounded by frenzied, hungry, man-eating sharks.

Yep, this is the guy who teaches dive classes at Neptune. Do as he says - not as he does.

Another terrific trip.