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Bali, October 2008

Photo Album

Life can get rough for the webmaster, who recently had to go to Singapore. From there, the Indonesian island of Bali is a short plane ride. I went diving with the Bali Diving Academy for 4 days (14 dives) on a "safari" set up by Marcia Fisk Ong of Gekko Divers in Phuket. Here are some photos. We gotta go there someday.

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View from the window of my room at the Bluehill Resort just south of Tulamben.

Dive porters in Tulamben carrying tanks and equipment on their heads. Note the one on the far left. Can you balance an AL80 on your head?
Kadek, Balinese for "awesome dive guide with sharp eyes."

A barracuda on the wreck of the USAT Liberty Glo at Tulamben. My strobe wasn't working so all shots are available light.

Seraya Secrets Reef at Tulamben. Some kinda flatworm?

A nudibranch, Jorunna rubescens, I believe.

Hello, my name is hairy crab.

Harlequin shrimp, perhaps Hymenocera elegans. They only eat starfish.

Another harlequin shrimp.

A mantis shrimp (perhaps Lysiosquilloides mapia) peering out of its hole .

A scorpion fish eating a lionfish. Or, trying to.

The Bluehill Resort at Tulamben.

The beach at Pemuteran.

Bali Diving Academy, Pemuteran

Lorenzo, multilingual Pemuteran dive guide.

Some sorta flatworm or nudibranch, Pemuteran, reef in front of dive shop.


Reef at Menjangen

A grouper, I think.


Juvenile lionfish, reef in front of dive shop.



A periwinkle, I think

Duplex beach cottage at Adi Assri Resort, Pemuteran.

The Adi Assri complex.

Sunrise at the beach in front of Adi Assri.